PTFE Architectural Fabrics

PTFE Architectural Fabrics

PTFE Architectural Fabrics is a material made by coating the super fine glass fiber fabric with PTFE resin.

PTFE Architectural Fabrics is a material made by coating the super fine glass fiber fabric with PTFE resin. The major characteristics of PTFE membrane are: lightweight, high strength, fireproofing and flame retardation, good self-cleaning, free from the influence of ultraviolet, fatigue resistance, torsion resistance, anti-ageing, and long service life. It is characterized by high light transmittance and very low thermal absorption. It is the invention of this epoch-making membrane material that has made membrane structure building become the modern permanent building.Building membrane is widely used in large public facilities: gymnasium roofing system, airport hall, exhibition center, platform and landscape pavilion and so on.


  • Self-cleaning property

PTFE membrane has very good self-cleaning property. Since rainwater will be accumulated into water drops on its surface, so its surface may be naturally cleaned.

  • Optical property

Membrane material can remove most of ultraviolet and prevent the color fading of the internal articles. Its transmission for natural light is up to 25%. Transmitting light generates uniform diffused light in the structure, without shadow, without glaze, but with good color rendering. In the evening, the membrane structure can emit natural and tender light under the joint effect of the surrounding environment light and internal lighting.

  • Mechanical property

MD PTFE membrane: with the thickness only 0.8mm, but its tensile strength has reached the level of steel. Membrane has low modulus of elasticity, which makes it beneficial to form the complex curve pattern. Its very lightweight has met the requirements of large-span building very well, and can reduce the total construction cost of the large-span building to a large extent.

  • Acoustic property

General membrane structure is transparent to the low frequency lower than 60Hz, and for the structure with special sound absorbing requirements, the membrane structure with FABRASORB unit may be used, to achieve better sound absorbing effect than that of glass.

  • Fireproofing property

In the present, the widely used membrane materials have the BI fireproofing level, belonging to a nonflammable material. The fireproofing properties can meet the national fireproofing standards inFrance,Germany,USAandJapan.

  • Insulating property

Single-layer membrane material has the insulating property same as that of brick wall and better than that of glass. Same as the building made with other materials, membrane building may also adjust the interior temperature with other means. For example, suspension of the insulating layer inside, the use of air-conditioning and heating equipment and so on.


  • Thickness: 0.65mm / 0.78mm
  • Width: 2000mm - 3850mm